Bite my bag! is made out of growing edible fur. This bag asks for a pair of caring hands. The first three days it grows best in the dark. After these dark days, it loves to occupy your windowsill. It needs to be watered 3 times a day but prefers a daily stroll in the pouring rain. After a week it is ready for a bite! Sick of your bag? Plant it in your backyard! 
How would our relationship with our accessories and or clothing change when we have to care for it? 
Bite my bag! is made in collaboration with Seline Buttner and Rosa Poelmans
Hi! Would you like a bite of my bag? It’s nutritional value* is; 

4 calories
0.4 grams of carbs
0.8 grams of protein
0.2 grams of fiber
0 grams of fat
22% vitamin A
24% vitamin C 
106% Vitamin K
*Of the reference daily intake