Dear bodies,
Welcome, this is an invite to an online exhibition space! This space can be entered by pressing the link above this message. Before you enter, we would like to ask you the following: 

_Please wear a pair of headphones, earphones, or earbuds. 
_Only enter the space on your own. 
_Make sure your surroundings are as dark as possible.
_Position yourself in front of your device in a way that makes you and your device feel comfortable. 
Dear bodies is an online game exhibition space, in which artists exhibit their work in the limitless space of the digital realm. 
Currently on display is Grotto, by Dutch Designer Bart Hess. Grotto has been transformed into a living, breathing and vocal space. Play for yourself and explore Grotto’s curves and crevices in first-person.

Dear Bodies is made in collaboration with Daan Derkx