Like The Caterpillar is a speculative project on bodily waste. From every opening, nook & cranny of our body, we litter uncountable amounts of waste in the shape of dead cells, hairs, sweat, etc. The body renews most of its cells every seven to ten years. Today, we can expect to live more than twice as long as our ancestors did 2 centuries ago. The global average is over 72 years. This means that on an average life span we leave 8,7 times our body in dead cells behind. What if we would store all this on our bodies as a cocoon of waste? How would our cocoons look over time? At the end of our lives, our cocoons are like a memory storing our whole life worth of waste. Just like the caterpillar, on the last day in our silky cocoon, we leave our second skin behind.​​​​​​​
One day the caterpillar, hanging upside down from a twig, spun itself a silky cocoon.
Within its brand new housing, the caterpillar rapidly transformed its body. After 16 days the caterpillar left his housing emerging as a bright yellow butterfly.